Reser 2019

Reser 2019

XXIX International RESER Conference

“Services and the future of the workforce”

September 12th-14th, 2019, Ceuta, Spain


Venue: Faculty of Education, Economics and Technology of Ceuta. Cortadura del Valle str., Ceuta


Up to the present, Europe and most developed countries have changed their economy transforming their model, fundamentally based on industry, into a different one which is based on service activities. As a result, in recent years, the bulk of employment has been generated by services, but this trend may be interrupted by the new emerging scenario, characterized by robots and artificial intelligence.

Thus, great challenges open up for the service sector, not only at the end of this transformation process, but also in the transition period. In fact, service activities are likely to continue to concentrate an increasing percentage of employment.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has the potential to raise global income levels and improve the quality of life for populations around the world. But, at the same time, the revolution could yield greater inequality, particularly in its potential to disrupt labour markets. It maybe even result in a new model of income distribution in which salaries and labour retribution could lose their prominent position in favour of a universal basic income.

That point is the one that inspires the main theme of this conference. During last decades, the process of tertiarization of the employment has been quite obvious for most countries; a trend which is accentuated for the most important tertiary activities, mainly in terms of intersectoral relationships (producer services) and those related to the development of the welfare state (social services).

This 29th International RESER Conference will schedule a program in which all these issues will be addressed from the perspective of service activities and their contribution to obtain a fruitful transition toward a new economy that provides not only substantial gains in terms of productivity and wellbeing, but also in terms of equity and social values.

In 2019 RESER Conference will be organised around these main subjects:

  1. New services – New jobs
  2. Services workforce and robotization
  3. Services activities and economic development
  4. Geographical aspects of services
  5. Internationalization of services and services in emerging markets


This Conference is a forum for presentation and discussion of inter-disciplinary, innovative studies in service research. Scholars and practitioners of management, marketing, engineering, economics, sociology, geography, are invited to submit papers that explore and develop a multidisciplinary understanding of various service issues.

We are looking forward to see you in Ceuta!



José Aureliano Martín Segura and José Luis Navarro Espigares

Local organising committee.